About RM Timing Systems

RM Timing Systems was founded by a group of friends and athletes who also happen to be a somewhat tech savvy bunch located in the Silicon Valley. They eventually found themselves delving into the world of race event timing and organization, where they ultimately found areas to improve upon. And one of these key areas happen to be the timing aspect.

Not only did they figure out how to manufacture their own custom timing systems with the industry's most high-end parts, but they also went on to develop a very robust timing software application that now rivals many of the current industry leaders' programs. The RM Timing Systems race timing software was designed and developed BY race organizers FOR race organizers.

A key element to the success of our business is the strong tech support that we are able to provide.We have timing techs ready to answer any of your questions, and even a team of in-house programmers continuosly working to enhance our software by improving and implementing new features.

What's on your mind?

If you have any questions about our timing systems, software or need consultation for your event. Please don't hesitate to contact us.

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