How To's & Tutorials

How do I first hookup my system?
Our system is very simple to setup. All that is required is you have your software that we provide on a laptop. That laptop is plugged into the timing box with the ethernet cable. The timing box is also plugged into power. Each supplied antenna is plugged into a port on the timing box. For 8 port units I prefer to alternate between readers. That way is there was a failure of a reader, you still have coverage. For 4 port systems, just alternate within the one reader. One note: Make sure your laptop has an ip address that is on the same subnet as the timing unit.
How do I install the software?
Software is provided as a setup file. Simply run the setup file. For updates you can go under help and look for updates. This should be done often as we constantly update the software.
How do I program chips or bibs? I don't understand?
Some timing systems use the internal code that is provided with the chip and a cross reference file to associate with a bib number. We program our chips to match the bib. You have several methods for programming chips or obtaining pre-programmed chips. The most basic method is to affix your tags (chips) onto the bib (always vertical). If you use two chips place as far apart as possible on the bib. See note below on using two chips. Keep your bibs in order. Make sure you have one of your readers or the USB programming unit ready. In the RM Timing software go to Utilities, Program Chips, Manual. Simply put in your bib number or range of bibs. Put your bib in front of the antenna. It will ding when sucessfully programmed. Go to the next one. If you use two chips, the second chip needs to be programmed before it is placed on the bib. You cannot program two chips at once. A more automated method is available using Zebra Printers/RFID Programmers. The printer will actually program the chips as it prints the number on it for you. Or you can buy preprogrammed from us for as little as .35 each from us, see the shopping area.
How do I time my first race?
As described above, hook up your system. Start your RM Timing software. You do need to configure your files in Edit, Defaults. Once started, I typcially click the IP address at the bottom of the screen to make sure I see the timing box. If you get a success you are connected properly. If you get a failure in the log box, you need to check your IP address. I also turn off any secondary connections, for example Wifi. A good habit is to make sure the laptop does not do other things while timing. Turn off Windows Updates. Make sure your time is where you want it bewfore you connect to the readers. Once you are set, click the check box for Reader1 and Reader2 if applicable. You should see a Reader ready in the log box. That means the readers are ready to read. You should see green checkboxes on the screen to indicate you are properly attached to the antennas. You can start collecting by pressing the Start and Collect button at any point. You will see chips come up on your screen when runners pass. You can interact by typing a number in manually if you choose.
How do I do a 'chip start'?
It's simple.  Our software has a Start mode.  It will continously read the participant until they are gone.  When they lave over the mats, that time is taken as their chip start time.
How do I do a split point? What if it is remote?
Splits can be handled various ways depending on your capabilities.  You can setup a split and simply store the database or output file and merge the data in when you have access to it.  Or you can send the database to a share, provided you have internet.  That share can be auto merged into the primary system.  Or you can send to the RM Timing Feed Manager which will relay it to the finish systems.
How do I merge files together?
In the RM Software package there is a merge database command.  So say for example you bring a split database back from the field and need to merge that data into your finish line system, you select "Merge Database".  Browse to your inbound file.  Click merge and the data will import into the finish system.
How do I setup a working laptop?
Working laptops are very beneficial.  For example you can have a laptop "listening" to the entire course.  It can automatically pull reads from the finish line, splits, and the registration area (new registrations).  Registrations can even be done at a remote site and they feed the working laptop live.  This makes posting live results and printing a more real time option.
How do I do onsite registration?
We have a Same Day Registration module in RM Timing.  They store both lcoally and can be sent to the finish area via a nework.  In addition we have registration software that runs on Windows tablets and laptops that accepts credit cards and creates the import file for RM.
How do I use results kiosks or streaming results?
All kiosks, streaming results, annoucner modules, etc are included in the main RM package.  Nothing else to buy.
How do I print results? What do most race directors want?
Our systems print results as the race progresses.  No need to bring files together.  Simply click the report you need and print it out.  Most Race Directors want the Age aGroup report, by say top 5 in each age group, for awards.
How do I set start times?
In the set start times option on the front page, you can click to capture the horn, or simply fill in the gun start time.  Then you can apply by specific bib ranges, or divisions.
How do I do ignore runners in certain situations?
We have a very advanced set of filters available.  For example you can filter a specific bib by time. Or a whole division until checked.  You can ignore runners without start times.  You can accept divisions at a speficied time. The list goes on.
What's on your mind?

If you have any questions about our timing systems, software or need consultation for your event. Please don't hesitate to contact us.

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