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Software Features

Supports Several Types of Readers

Built-in support for popular industry standard readers. Learn more about support readers >


Use one laptop and connect to 2 complete systems or 4 readers. This helps simplify your setup.

Reel Them In

The software application will automatically pull reads in from anywhere on the course compiling the results on the fly.


Apply advanced filtering of reads per location. Want to block out reads before a certain time? You can do that and many more!

Texting and Social Posts

Have results texted to mobile devices and even post directly through Social Media sites

Auto Backups

Results are important. Which is why we automatically backup data so that you have peace of mind. Using our RM Timing API you can store your backups online.

Instant Results*

If internet conneciton is available, you can have your results almost instantly live and online. Using Racemine.com as your engine, results post with each backup. SMS, Emailing and Social postings are all possible and very easy to setup.

*Note: Speed of results posted online depends on the signal strength of the internet connection.


Well… we call it announcer-mode. Our announcer mode is very large and easy to read. It shows fun facts about the entrant. The announcer can also pause the screen with a simple click.

Reports Gallore

Timers will have access to many useful reporting options all at your fingertips. All reports can be run as the event progresses.

Program Tags

With our software, you can even re-program tags so they are ready to go for the next big race.

Zebra RFID Printer

Pair our system with a Zebra RFID Printer to program and label many tags at one time.

How about our Cool Working Laptop Feature?

Set one machine as the master and all reads can be broadcast into this machine from any point on the course. You can then print your reports from the master laptop.

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